Our Features

ConstructionPM has all the features you need to manage your projects. 

It is fully customizable with tons of flexibility to add more/edit features to suit your needs.

Google Drive Based

Effortless integration of all your project spreadsheets, documents, folders, forms and emails.

Cross Platform

With our app, you can manage your projects from anywhere on any device.

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Why do you need ConstructionPM?

If the answer to the above questions is YES, then you have come to the right place! Manage tasks, costs, material, and resources easily, efficiently, and quickly for all your construction projects using our Google Drive-based Construction Project Management app.

Project material management

Easily manage procurement for your project

Track the progress of all your projects procurement  activities with intuitive and interactive reports.

Manage your team

Easily manage your Team Members

Easily build and manage your organization’s team and their access to different features on ConstructionPM.


You can track your project's progress easily

Manage all your project activities from a lightweight user friendly spreadsheet. Use simple and mobile friendly interface to get progress updates, material requirements, resource utilization and expenses from site.

Material Management

Easily Manage your Material Inventory

Manage your organization’s entire material inventory using our easy to use interface.

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