Manage your construction projects easily & effectively

Manage tasks, costs, material and resources easily, efficiently and quickly for all your construction projects using our google drive based app.

Simple Way to Manage Construction Projects

Track onsite activities in real-time

Easy collaboration for your team

Manage all projects on a central dashboard

Completely integrated with Google Drive

ConstructionPM App

We are a team of construction industry veterans with expertise in residential, commercial, infrastructural and industrial projects. Having spent our entire careers working through the inefficiencies that exist in our industry, we took it upon ourselves to come up with an easy to use app to help our industry colleagues make their lives easier and spend more time doing actual construction rather than struggling their way through all the paperwork and tracking through multitudes of different applications, which has become very common these days.

Features of ConstructionPM

Task Tracking

Track and stay on top of all your construction, installation and commissioning activities

Procurement Tracking

Keep track of all the material movement from BOQ to delivery on site for your construction projects

Document Management

Manage all drawings, contracts, invoices etc. with automated workflows

Cost Control

Track actual project costs against budget, with customized cost control workflows

Google Drive Integration

Effortless integration of all your project spreadsheets, documents, folders, forms and emails

Custom Workflows

Need something customized?
Contact us to automate your workflows

Task Tracking

Manage all your project activities from a lightweight user friendly spreadsheet.

Document Management

Manage data, documents, files, and spreadsheets for all your projects from the comfort of your Google Drive using our construction project management app

Material Management

Track the progress of all your procurement activities with intuitive and interactive reports.

Email Notifications

ConstructionPM automates progress tracking for all your construction projects with daily email alerts.

Progress Updates

Use simple and mobile friendly Forms to get progress updates, material requirements, resource utilization and expenses from site.

Picture Sharing

Share site pictures in real-time using ConstructionPM

Fully Built on Google Drive

ConstructionPM is built on top of Google platform, so you’ll be able to manage and store all your projects effortlessly from within your existing Google Drive.

Cost Control

ConstructionPM automates cost tracking for all your construction projects using fully customizable workflows.

Have questions on how ConstructionPM app works?

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Customer Reviews

Construction PM helped me to automate my project tracking workflows. My team is not tech savvy so the ConstructionPM team helped me to design an automated system where I could get site updates through WhatsApp text messages. The onboarding and training process was very quick and easy. We were up and running in no time. Thanks to Construction PM, we are now saving a lot of man-hours we used to spend chasing site related updates.
Adam Smith
Project Manager
I came across Construction PM while looking for a cheap and efficient means of tracking the progress and cost of my real estate projects. It was getting very difficult managing my portfolio using disconnected spreadsheets, emails, phone calls etc. Construction PM designed a custom workflow for me and helped me automate my project progress tracking and cost control. The price they charged is peanuts compared to the other tools in the market which are not customizable.
Elaine Stuart
Real Estate Developer

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