Best CPU For Solidworks

Selecting the right CPU for your Solidworks CAD workstation is crucial for achieving optimal performance, boosting productivity, and maintaining smooth operations along the way.

Whether you are a professional designer or an enthusiast looking to get the most out of your machine, finding the best CPU that meets all your needs can be quite challenging.

That’s why we’ve curated this list of 5 great CPUs specifically designed and suited to handle Solidworks faster than ever before.

Get set to explore our top picks in detail now!

Our Top Picks For You

5 Best CPUs for SolidWorks Users & CAD Workstation

  1. Intel Core i9-13900K – Best Intel High-Performing CPU For Solidworks 
  2. AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D – 2nd AMD Ryzen CPU for Solidworks users
  3. AMD Ryzen 5 – Best AMD CPU For Solidworks Under 100$
  4. Intel Core i5-12600K  – Best Intel i5 CPU for SolidWorks under 200$
  5. AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X – Best AMD Ryzen 7 CPU For Solidwork Users Undr 200$

Let’s deep dive into it!

1. Intel Core i9-13900K – Best Intel High-Performing CPU For Solidworks 

Intel Core i9-13900K - Best CPU For SolidWorks Users

As a Solidworks user, you demand high performance from your CPU. Luckily, the Intel Core i9-13900K is here to deliver just that.

With 24 cores (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) and a 36M Cache, this desktop processor is perfect for running complex simulations and rendering large assemblies.

Its performance hybrid architecture allows it to prioritize and distribute workloads efficiently, maximizing performance.

And with speeds of up to 5.8 GHz unlocked, you’ll have no trouble tackling even the most demanding projects.

Furthermore, the CPU is compatible with Intel 600 series and 700 series chipset-based motherboards. Whether you’re designing intricate components or working on complex assemblies, the Intel Core i9-13900K is the best high-performing CPU for Solidworks users.

2.AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D – 2nd AMD Ryzen CPU for Solidworks users

AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D - 2nd AMD Ryzen CPU for Solidworks users

For those looking for a powerful processor that can handle demanding tasks, the AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D may be worth considering. This desktop processor boasts an impressive 16 cores and 32 processing threads, making it ideal for serious creators who need a fast and efficient tool to handle their workload.

With a maximum speed of 5.7 GHz and support for unlocked memory overclocking and DDR5 technology, this processor is designed to deliver optimal performance and speed.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line platform that supports PCIe 5.0, select 600 Series motherboards and the state-of-the-art Socket AM5 supported. While the cooler is not included, a liquid cooler is recommended.

Overall, the AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D is the perfect option for Solidworks users who need a powerful, reliable processor to handle their work.

3. AMD Ryzen 5 – Best AMD CPU For Solidworks Under 100$

AMD Ryzen 5 - Best AMD CPU For Solidworks Under 100$

If you’re looking for the best AMD CPU for Solidworks without breaking the bank, look no further than the AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

With its 6 cores and 12 processing threads, this processor can handle even the most complex Solidworks designs with ease. In addition, it’s bundled with a quiet AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler to keep temps under control, and it supports DDR4 3200 for speedy performance.

Plus, if you’re using an x570 motherboard, you’ll be able to take advantage of PCIe 4.0 for lightning-fast data transfer speeds. And with a max boost unlocked for overclocking, you’ll be able to squeeze even more power out of this already impressive processor.

All in all, the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable CPU for Solidworks.

4.Intel Core i5-12600K  – Best Intel i5 CPU for Solidworks under 200$

Intel Core i5-12600K

The Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a top-of-the-line processor for their Solidworks applications without breaking the bank.

With its incredible 10 cores and hyper-threading architecture, it delivers high performance for the most demanding applications.

It also comes with an improved onboard graphics system and turbo boost technology, which makes it capable of handling even the most complex tasks with ease. The LGA-1700 socket also allows for easy placement on PCBs without the need for soldering.

With 16MB of L3 cache to quickly retrieve commonly used data, the Intel Core i5-12600K proves to be an excellent investment for anyone in need of a solid processor. Its power efficiency ensured by the Intel 7 Architecture makes it an attractive choice for those seeking to keep energy bills low.

5. AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X – Best AMD Ryzen 7 CPU For Solidwork Users Undr 200$

AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X

If you’re a Solidwork user looking for a high-performing processor without breaking the bank, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X might just be the answer to your prayers.

With 8 cores and 16 processing threads, this CPU is based on the AMD “Zen 3” architecture and offers a max boost of 4.6 GHz. This means it can deliver ultra-fast performance, with the ability to handle even the most demanding applications with ease.

Although a discrete graphics card is required for optimal performance, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X is still an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performance CPU that won’t break the bank. So if you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable processor, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X is worth considering.


Best CPU for CAD workstation?

The Intel Core i9-13900K is considered the best high-performing CPU for SOLIDWORKS among Intel processors. For AMD users, the AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D is a recommended choice. Additionally, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700X is a great option for SOLIDWORKS users on a budget, priced under $200.

What is the best processor for SOLIDWORKS 2024?

The best processor options for SOLIDWORKS 2024 include Intel Core i7 and i9 processors, as well as AMD Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 processors. These processors offer high performance and multi-threading capabilities, which are beneficial for running complex simulations and handling demanding tasks in SOLIDWORKS.

Does SOLIDWORKS prefer Intel or AMD?

SOLIDWORKS does not have a specific preference for Intel or AMD processors. Both Intel and AMD processors can effectively run SOLIDWORKS software, and the performance may vary depending on the specific models and configurations. It is important to choose a processor with sufficient power and capabilities for your specific SOLIDWORKS workflow.

Is Xeon better than i9 for SOLIDWORKS?

In terms of SOLIDWORKS, the performance of Intel Xeon processors may not necessarily be better than that of Intel Core i9 processors. While Xeon processors excel in certain applications and workstation environments, the high clock speeds and single-threaded performance of i9 processors can often provide better results for SOLIDWORKS users.


SOLIDWORKS is primarily CPU-intensive software. While it can utilize the GPU for certain tasks such as rendering and RealView graphics, the overall performance and stability of SOLIDWORKS are more dependent on the CPU’s speed, cores, and single-threaded performance.

Does SOLIDWORKS need an i5 or i7?

While an Intel Core i5 processor is the minimum requirement for SOLIDWORKS, opting for an Intel Core i7 or i9 (or equivalent Ryzen 5, 7, or 9) CPU would provide better performance. The additional cores of higher-end processors can enhance overall performance and handle complex tasks more efficiently in SOLIDWORKS.

Does CPU matter for Solidworks?

Yes, the CPU does matter for SOLIDWORKS. A powerful and capable CPU is essential for smooth performance, efficient modelling, and handling of complex assemblies in SOLIDWORKS.

Can the Ryzen 7 handle SOLIDWORKS?

Yes, the Ryzen 7 processors, such as the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X or Ryzen 7 5900X, can handle SOLIDWORKS effectively. The Ryzen 7 series offers strong multi-threaded performance, making them suitable for demanding tasks and workflows in SOLIDWORKS.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the best CPU for SolidWorks users depends on several factors such as budget and desired performance.

The Ryzen 7 3700X is a great option if you want high-end performance without breaking the bank, while the Intel Core i9 9900K offers top-of-the-line performance.

If you’re looking for something in between then the Intel Core i7 8700T could be great for you.

Additionally, AMD’s Threadripper 3970X is one of the most powerful CPUs currently on the market that can provide optimal performance with any CAD program.

No matter what CPU you choose in this competitive market, make sure to invest in excellent cooling solutions and software components to support your needs and keep your workstation running smoothly and fast.

This way you can get the most from your SolidWorks program. We hope this article helped help you find the best CPU for SolidWorks users that suits your purposes.

Be sure to share it with friends and family on social media if they are looking for a CPU upgrade to equip them with enough power to master their projects!

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